No boarders among cultural-exchange…What is a guesthouse?

<<No boarders among cultural-exchange…What is a guesthouse?>>

VOULUME 1 What is this accommodation? I have never seen one like this

It was back in the summer of 1974, when hippies and student activists had
their hot days. I used to be one of the college students, a second grader,
who had just started a journey in America. In due course of my journey, I
had a chance to make friends with another tourist from Japan. And he was the
one who told me about this unique housing, a GUESTHOUSE.

This accommodation was called Kolping House which was run by Catholic
association. It was located near Los Angeles. The building was old but it
looked fashionble and well antiquated. Inside the guesthouse, there were a
big living room and at the piloti, I saw a pingpong table as well.

I rented a private room for a week with a dinner and a breakfast service,
which costed me 35 dollars(1$=300yen). Every room was 13 square meters wide
and had a bed and desk&chair inside, which should be fairly good for
ordinary back packers. Toilets were much bigger and the water flow of the
shower was much faster than the Japanese ones.

There were approximately 60 guests staying at the guesthouse. Some of them
were American(mostly aged bachelors), some of them were Hispanic labours,
and some others like me…

It was totally a new world to me since I had never put myself into this kind
of multi-cultural and multi lingual environment.

In the lobby, I saw a Japanese youth talking with an American as if he was
enjoying a private language lesson. And in the living room, I saw another
student from Japan who was playing pool with Mexican friends. They seemed to
have chosen this place so that they get a new family bond.

Kolping House was full of wit and wonder. But at this point, I could have
never imagined myself running a guesthouse in the future.

(to be continued to next volume … my very first guesthouse project)

A lot of wisdoms the weak live in land did not know were blocked in this guesthouse. For this col Pinghaus to become a root in the guesthouse that our company will manage in 25 years though it did not think at this time.