Tokyo apartment

Introduction of lease house (apartment) matching site with furniture of Tokyo/

Business begins to see dim light at last and the foreigner seems to have begun to move as before though the number of foreigners who came to Japan the problem of the subprime that happened last autumn had decreased.

The following site is an information site concerning such students from abroad and businessman's residences.

A lot of leasehold properties (apartment) with the furniture of Tokyo are recorded on the lease site with the Tokyo furniture.

The furniture such as the home appliance such as the television, refrigerators, and washing machines, the beds, and tables becomes complete like being unnecessary of another as for anything as long as the stay is OK, and has the one of surroundings since one month or more. The Internet is a free access.

It is necessary to peep into the site by all means of there is an interest.

It is the consultation dice because it has treated articles of the area other than Tokyo when.